A picture of a latte from Local Coffee in San Antonio. A picture of a latte and avocado toast from Rosella Coffee in San Antonio. A picture of a mocha from Bennu Coffee in Austin.

As a busy college student who works full-time, finding joy in the little things is what keeps me going. I have always had a caffeine addiction, and a love for driving around in my car ... so I set out to find the best coffee shops around. There is nothing better to me then sitting in a coffee shop, enjoying the ambiance and working on my class work. Also, the experience of finding new coffee shops to study or relax at is so much fun to me. Every place is wildly different in terms of coffee, food, and the general mood of the place.

Not every coffee shop I have been to has been a sucess unfortunatly. Some are really cute, but not a great place to get stuff done at. Others do not have the best coffee or food so there is no point in revisiting. Sometimes, the coffee shops host music events so on those days it is impossible to get anything done, or even sit and watch Netflix.

In general I am a black coffee drinker, but sometimes lattes or mochas - with non-dairy milk always! - are what I need; especially in times of high stress. Places that roast their own beans smell so good, and usually have the best coffee: Mozarts in Austin comes to mind eventhough it is not pictured. Also, whenever it feels like my life is getting too crazy I make myself go to a coffee shop just to give myself a mental break. Bennu in Austin is 24/7 so I can get away at anytime and find myself.