A picture of Downtown HTX art walls.

Hi, this is a page of some of my favorite photos that I have taken recently. I really enjoy photography becuase it is a way to immortalize a moment. Also, with photo-editing you can add so many cool effects to make your photos even more special. I hope as the year continues I can get even more photographs to add to this page.

I first started out taking photos on a film camera and fell in love with this hobby. Now I do all my work with a digital camera and that has expanded my abilities so much. There is just so much more freedom in digital photography in terms of editing, its like I can take a photo and turn it in to whatever I want. I still do shoot film from time to time just to take me back to my roots and try new techniques out.

One day I hope to be able to shoot my own photos for my career and not have to outsource a photographer. Being well rounded in today's job market is the only way to secure a job for a long time. Also, if I get skilled enough to be featured in publications like National Geographic I could travel the world ... which is my end goal. For right now, I just want to start to have a business where I can take photographs for commission.

A picture of Juno Beach in Flordia.
A picture of Dakota and Dallas. A picture of Michelle. A picture of Kay by the Beach.
A picture of stairs in a hiking trail. A picture of Dakota on a hike. A picture of Buster the dog