A picture of a Basket and other things.

Throughout the course of my college career I have completed various projects. This page is meant to display some of my favorites. As time passes I hope to have even more projects to add to this page. For now, this page will function as a portfolio for my miscellaneous works.

Some of the works on this page will be stuff I do in my free time. I am always trying to find ways to spend my time in a more productive way; doing projects to build my portfolio is one of them. As a young professional I always am looking for ways to make myself more marketable, so expanding my knowledge is a must. I hope that once I graduate I will have a great base of know-how for the company that hires me to expand from.

I have already worked on building two other websites, a personal blog about coffee that I built using wordpress, and a resume website built using wix. This website is meant to be an all-encompassing upgraded version of these other two, that I have coded from HTML and CSS from scratch. As I gain more experience I hope to be able to fully integrate the other two websites into this one.

24 Page Magazine Spread

  • This is a mock-up of a 24 page magazine that I created in one of my classes. The layouts are mine, but the background photographs are not.

TXST SJMC Analysis

  • This is an analysis of TXST SJMC. They were my client for my class and I had to develop this analysis kit, as well as a future action plan for their social media platforms.

TXST Service Learning Excellence PR Campaign

  • This is an PR campaign proposal for TXST SLE. I worked on this in a group, and we all contributed and tweaked eachothers work. The idea to have a custom website like in the degree audit was 100% my own idea, and the client loved it so much she will be implementing it asap.

Research Project

  • This is the final document of a research project I completed in my PR Research class in a group. This document talks about the benefits of adoption over purchase of pets.

One Act Play

  • This is a one act play I wrote in my Writing For Stage class, titled - Buried in Snow.